About 'Holding Forth' and Marija..

The world of blogging adored the talented Marija Stephens and her blog ‘Holding Court’. 

 Marija Stephens

Marija was a devoted mother to her two beautiful children, Olivija & Nigel, a loving wife to her husband Cory, a caring daughter to her mother Mary and sister to her brother Phil. She was also a gifted designer & writer that readily shared her vision, her life and her musings via her blog. When Marija wrote a post it was as though she was speaking to each of us directly in a lively conversation between friends, and it was impossible not to fall for her charm, wit, warmth and amazing take on life.

Marija & her husband Cory, Nigel & Olivija and her beloved 'Greek Revival' in Chicago.

Marija had time for everyone, and her comments, emails and phone calls brightened up the day of those around her – near and far. It was a privilege and honour to be her friend, and there wasn’t a dull moment with her around.

Sadly Marija’s life ended abruptly on July 10, 2010 in a car accident that left her family, friends and blogging community in numbing shock and grief.  Endless tributes flooded the blog-world (please go to the ‘Tributes Index’ to read these) and it was clear that more people than she herself perhaps was aware of loved Marija. 
To honour this remarkable woman, two close blogging friends of Marija’s, Charlotta Ward of 'Space for Inspiration' (Sydney, Australia) and Debra Philips of '5th and State' (Chicago, USA) join together to create ‘Holding Forth’ that we hope will be filled with loving memories of our dear friend. A communal place for those who loved her as much as we did, to remember and celebrate Marija in.

We hope to honour our beloved friend and to eventually hand over the content of this blog to her family as a gift that forever will tell just how amazing we all thought Marija was and how blessed we feel to have been given the opportunity to know her.

So please join us as we ‘Hold Forth’..