Saturday, November 13, 2010

'Ever After' by Kelly Dunn of 'Style Attic'

My name is Kelly, and my blog is 'Style Attic'.

Back when my blog was known as 'Life at 5 Feet', I did a post called 'Before & After'.

It was a motivational post for a Monday morning to start the week or those to-do lists with a bit of a forward spring.  I was just 3 months new to blogging and Marija was the 1st one to comment at 8:46 am with this:

 "Excellent advice. Getting started is the hardest part! My favorite before and after is the ring and the couple. Now there is something to strive for!"

The picture she was referring to was this one..

From woman to woman who has each been blessed to marry the man of their dreams...we connected.  
My interaction with Marija was very brief and I'm sad that it wasn't able to flourish past a few comments and one email.  

She had written to me:
"Hi dear, we all start somewhere and your blog is something special and I can't wait to see more of...just wanted you to know. ~ Marija"

I remember reading that email and thinking REALLY?....clicking over to her abundant department store of a showcase blog....and then telling my husband "Honey, this designer lady who really has it going on just took the time to write me!!"

Marija proved that big thoughts and the smallest of gestures can equal something special, just like her.  The intentions she had of reaching the rocking chair age with her husband is something in her honor we should never take for granted.

image by Style Attic

May her sweet soul live happily ever after..

Thank you Charlotta for asking me to share, and your patience..  What you are doing is a wonderful effort to preserve all that is good, in a wonderful person, that we called our friend.

Kelly Dunn


dovecote decor said...

We came to blogging right around when your dear friend passed. The outpouring of affection in the blog world has touched us and encouraged us to read, write, photograph and comment. It is a time consuming, yet rich world of friendships, sharing and true affinity. There is nothing virtual about it. The continued tribute and sharing after this tragedy has confirmed to us, what a great and glorious world we share.

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes it is a world worth investing in and the friendships we find here are are meaningful and profound.

Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

x Charlotta

flutietootie said...

Nice photo. I like how you paired the red with the off yellow. It is a very pretty color combination.

Hamptontoes said...

What a beautifully written letter to/about Marija. I too, corresponded with her via a couple of e-mails and comments on one another's blogs. I think about her often and feel sadness that she is still not celebrating life on earth with her family, friends and fellow bloggers. She was truly a beautiful woman.

Janie said...

A beautiful tribute. I would have liked to have known her.

You photos are beautiful.