Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'How Marija influenced me'.. by Kathysue

When Debra and Charlotta asked the readers of Holding Forth to write something about our time with Marija I thought to myself, I am not sure what to write since my journey with her was a brief time in blog land, but I started thinking of Marija and how she influenced me..

It was her wonderful spirit that came through the computer screen, her love of family,life and design. I could tell this woman had true style. Nothing that was copied but a style that she felt in her soul.

The most important thing I learned from Marija was all about taking "time". You see she took time to touch base with me and let me know how she appreciated my comments on her blog. She took the time to read my blog and left thoughtful comments, nothing contrived or pat, always meaningful.

I realize through my brief time knowing Marija in blog land that the relationships we make here are because we reach out from behind the words and actually touch someones life, as Marija has touched mine.

I ask you to just stop and think for a minute.. If she had not taken the time to reach out none of us would have ever known this bright, beautiful and intelligent woman. I for one am so glad that Marija and I reached out to each other.



pve design said...

I have an illustration that I did for the family of their home which Marija poured her heart into and would love to send it to them but I do not have their address.
Could you e-mail me with an address to send to,

Debra Phillips said...

kathy sue,
you are the best and know that marija said the same of you. thank you dear friend for sharing your memories

gleenn said...

Who is Marija? I'm kind of curious :)

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